Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reading List

Well of course I don't read. Books are yummy to me, but my human loves to read them. Especially if they're about dogs.

Of course us dogs are fascinating. All of the sleeping, eating and pooping no wonder humans are envious of us.

Here are some of the dog books my human has read and really liked. They are now on high shelves away from my little puggie teeth.

  • Lucky Me by Christi Drue Dunlap- A great book about kids and dogs, introducing kids to dogs, teaching kids about dogs, you get the picture.
  • The Wolf in the Parlor by Jon Franklin - a scientific look at dogs and the bond that has developed with humans over time.
  • Dogs Never Lie About Love by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson - A reflection of the emotional world of dogs.
  • Dog Lover's Daily Companion by Wendy Nan Rees and Kristen Hampshire - 365 days of tricks and tips for living a rich life with your dog.
  • Dr. Greg's Dog Dish Diet by Dr. Greg Martinez DVM - An interesting view on how a dog's diet contributes to their health.
Does you human have a favorite dog book? My human would love to hear about it!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where's Wozie?

So we went to my favorite place in the entire world...Pug Saturday in San Jose, CA.

I knew something was up when we got in the car, just me and the she human. No Olli, Samson or Buddy. It seemed to take forever, but we finally got there.

So many Pugs! I love it! I ran, ran, chased a ball, sniffed some serious Pug butt and generally enjoyed myself.

I'm not sure if I'm in this picture, but does it really matter? Pug = cuteness no matter what.

I was so tired after all of that playing my human knew it was time to go. I can't wait to go again very soon!!